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Shipping Procedures

Shipping of firearms:

  • Do not ship any firearms or parts until you have confirmed that Kody Kearcher Restorations is willing and able to perform the desired service at an agreed upon estimated cost.
  • Include a deposit of 50% of estimated work price with the shipment so work can begin as soon as possible. Also include your contact information and work to be done to the gun.
  • Please make sure that the firearm is unloaded, dismantled and shipped as separate pieces in one box. The box needs to be sturdy with no markings indicating a firearm is in the package.
  • Parts and pieces of firearm and accessories need to be wrapped separately with plenty of packing material to prevent damage during shipping. The tighter everything is packed the better.
  • Do not include any kind of ammunition, fired or unfired.
  • There is no need to insure the package, my business insurance covers any firearms shipped to, or Kody Kearcher Restorations.
  • Keep track of the firearms’ serial number and shipment tracking number.